Yoga Offerings

This class is ideal for beginners, those recovering from injuries, or simply to feel the capability of the entire body in one class. Starting with breathing awareness, this class moves each joint separately through its full range of motion, initiating activity with the feet all the way to the neck and head. It includes both strength and flexibility, depending on how you want to participate that day.

This traditional Yoga class, on which all Yoga is based, is geared toward those familiar with Yoga poses, beginners, intermediate and advanced students alike. Starting with warm ups, moving through Sun Salutations, and on to standing, sitting, inversions and twists, this class moves the body as a complete entity through a variety of postures. Variations are given to tailor the level of enthusiasm to how you are feeling in the moment.

In this Hatha class, each week will give focus and attention to one pose where alignment, strengthening and letting go of extraneous effort blend to assist you to find the best balance of effort and relaxation in that particular pose.

When the body is wholly supported, in no pain, and completely relaxed, it can begin to heal. This class is perfect to rest, recover, unwind and let go. It is like tapping the reset button for the nervous system. Props are used to support the body and poses are held for several minutes. Leave feeling refreshed and renewed.

This is a classic Hatha Yoga class that moves through warmups for the body, standing poses, backward and forward bending, inversions, and twists specifically designed to increase both flexibility and strength. The last half hour is dedicated to deep relaxation, breathing techniques and informal meditation.