Activities at Center

All activities at Center are offered by A Center for the Practice of Zen Buddhist Meditation, a Zen Awareness Practice under the guidance of Cheri Huber.


If you are new to this Practice and wish to meditate with us, please email us and we will schedule an orientation. We offer a 45-minute ​orientation on Thursday, Friday and Saturday afternoons.


We offer Zen Meditation, Yoga, and Awareness Practice workshops. Individual guidance sessions with Cheri Huber and other trained facilitators are by appointment.

Awareness Practice Workshops
The quality of your life is determined by the focus of your attention.
– Cheri Huber

In Awareness Practice we learn to direct attention. Most of us are lost in a habitual conditioned mental process we are unaware of. Awareness Practice supports us in bringing awareness to that “conversation in the head,” while teaching us the skill of redirecting the attention to be present, to be here with life as it is. Through experiential exercises grounded in life content—such as relationships, addiction, depression, fear (to name just a few), we see how suffering is caused by inability to focus attention.

Zen Meditation
Meditation is the basis of a life of splendid health, untiring energy, unfailing love, and abiding wisdom. It is the very foundation of that deep inner peace for which every one of us longs.
– Eknath Easwaran

Zen Meditation is a practice of getting here. As we sit, we train to transcend the habits of conditioned mental processes and bring attention back to the present. Meditation not only assists us to get to that center of stillness, it allows us to see and see through all the ways we are caused to suffer.

Zen Meditation is a specific practice and we encourage all—beginners and experienced meditators—to schedule an orientation.

The restraint of the modifications of the mind-stuff is yoga.
– Patanjali

This is the second Sutra from the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, the quintessential scripture of yogic teachings. Loosely interpreted, it is saying that when we refrain from giving attention to conditioned mental patterns, we experience yoga, union, oneness, or connection. 

At Center, yoga is not simply practiced for its physical benefits. Emphasis is on the inward journey, using postures to assist the focus of attention and concentration on what is happening now.

Restorative and Hatha Yoga are offered as weekly classes. Yoga classes are $10 per class, or $50 per month for unlimited classes, or by donation for monthly donors to Zen Monastery Peace Center or Living Compassion.

You can't discuss the ocean with a well frog; it’s limited by the space it lives in.
You can't discuss ice with a summer insect; it's bound to a single season.
– Zhuangzi

In Awareness Practice, it is tremendously helpful to be shown what you are conditioned not to see. One-on-one guidance sessions (neither therapy nor counseling) offer a framework to explore and practice dropping what stops you from getting to center. Appointments are available with Cheri Huber or other trained senior facilitators.

A circle of lovely quiet people becomes a ring on my finger.
– Rumi

The Buddha gave us Sangha as one of the Three Jewels for a reason. Without the support of those who also walk this path, Sangha, the spiritual journey can be a lonely one. Facilitated group discussions help us be with others in a contemplative attitude, a safe and intimate space to open up and share our practice in the presence of others. In a powerful way that has to be experienced, we see and appreciate our humanity while developing a growing compassionate awareness of how alike we are. Each of us benefits from the guidance offered to all who attend.